Letter to the governor

I am just sick about schools being closed for the rest of the school year and can’t quite get over myself.  Truth be told, there were so many days I had wished the year done and gone, but now want to be back in school to finish the year–who knew this was the stuff I was made of!   Therefore, even though in the end I may be wrong and we may need to be out of school for good this year anyway, I have decided to write the governor.  Here goes…

Dear Governor Northam,

I appreciate all you have done and all you are doing for the Commonwealth of Virginia and I know you are doing your best to make informed decisions. That being said, I am not sure closing schools for the rest of the year is in the best interest of the students, teachers, staff, parents, vendors and all other people associated with educating the children of Virginia. I am an educator and parent of public school students, but represent myself solely as a tax-paying resident of Arlington, Virginia.

I am certain you have spent many hours and sleepless nights looking at the pros and cons of school closure for the rest of the school year, but I am left wondering today if closing the schools in segments, as Governor Hogan did in Maryland today, is a better course to take. I am urging you to reconsider your stance and perhaps close the schools until the end of April or middle of May having students return, if circumstances allow, for the last month or so of school. This would give all parties concerned time to end the school year together and give the year closure.

I am aware that you will need to recant your stance. I am also aware that after recalling your message, schools may need to close for the rest of the year anyway. But I feel, as do many, many other teachers, staff, students, parents, etc. that this move may have been too hasty so we seek a different plan.

I am asking that you please reconsider your directive and examine the possibility of re-opening schools before the school year ends, if conditions warrant. It would mean so much to so many people living in Virginia. Thanks for your consideration.

Anne Brown

And instead of being full of bluster and a bit all-bark-no-bite at times, I am going to send it–you can’t be heard if you don’t speak.

Letter to the governor

7 thoughts on “Letter to the governor

  1. Suzanne Richardson says:

    Your letter is nicely written. And yes, who’d have thought those of us praying for snow days, would be so adrift and lost now, with the idea of the school year ending!


  2. Terje says:

    It’s complicated. Nobody knows what the right decision is. In Estonia the decision is to have schools closed until May. At the same time, following how the virus is spreading, the havoc it did in Italy, there is reason to be cautious. I can’t imagine a school year ending without seeing each other.

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  3. I remain hopeful that our rooms will be welcoming back students before the year ends. I miss them and the energy they brought every day. We were nearly in the final quarter of the year and had grown as a learning community. At times I counted the days until Spring Break, now I count the days away, hoping they end soon. Fingers crossed we will be back together before the doors close for the school year.


  4. A slice and a letter to your representative- bravo! I am still in shock about this decision. The fact is not enough people are taking social distancing seriously, thus these daily shocks to the system. Not sure if the governor’s hard stance is going to shake some sense into people. Only time will tell.


  5. Powerful letter, Anne. When the Governor made the decision, I recalled that his background is in medicine. He is a doctor who understands this virus world. It actually scares me a bit that he closed thinking he has more background knowledge than I do. For now, lwt’s all just stay home and stay safe.


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