These next 3 weeks…

No unrealistic expectations.  Trying to make this my mantra.

3 weeks ahead of me with plenty to do and much free time, and nowhere to go.  I gave myself yesterday to be a sloth and know that I could spend the next several days lazily streaming shows and eating, turning both my brain and body to mush, all the while fostering a lifelong low grade anxiety.

Instead, I attempted to spend some time this a.m. working up a calendar with due dates and daily tasks, another neurotic pastime.  So how do I balance all of this time with productivity and personal growth, without driving myself, AND everyone around me, around the bend?  What do I know that is good for me? (I know, weird grammar.  Whatever.)

Besides getting the necessary work done (grading, planning and posting online lessons, getting homework done for the class I’m taking), exercising both my brain and my body and simplifying my life are the things I constantly wish I had time for. In an effort to practically quantify this, I’ve made a simple list (another neurotic pastime)…

1 hour of simplifying (keeping this idea broad)
1 hour of reading
½ hour of writing
½ hour of exercise

So maybe, just maybe, it is time to give myself these hours every day to slow down the hamster wheel, reconsider my priorities and recondition my days.  Maybe, with practice, these are things I can continue once this crisis is over and I return to the frenetic, daily grind of the teacher.  Are these unrealistic expectations?  Maybe.  And I know that if I think too long before acting, I’m usually met with a visceral NOPE, DON’T FEEL LIKE IT.  Perhaps it’s time to add in a little meditation…

DING. Hey, I’ve already done my writing for today–how about that!!!


These next 3 weeks…

2 thoughts on “These next 3 weeks…

  1. Ms. Chiu says:

    Yay, you are back! Thank you for doing the neurotic quantifiable list-making for me. I’ve been spending at least an hour a day on writing this month, but I need to up my reading game. Absolutely love the broad nature of “simplifying”- we can do this! This resonated with me- “Maybe, with practice, these are things I can continue once this crisis is over and I return to the frenetic, daily grind of the teacher.“


  2. Yes! I love, love, love your simple list of to-do’s. I, too, feel that I could easily sloth through these days…and a plan is needed. Writing and sharing with one another through this SOLSC is an extraordinary gift this March, I think. Thank you for this slice!


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