I do believe…

I do believe in miracles
I do believe in democracy
I do believe music can change a mood
I do believe in the purity of raw talent
I do believe working hard makes one stronger
I do believe in asking for help
I do believe avoidance causes anxiety
I do believe in confronting fears
I do believe the only thing constant is change
I do believe in second chances
I do believe in centrifugal force
I do believe in momentum
I do believe digging in the dirt is good for the hands
I do believe walking on the sand is good for the feet
I do believe alone time is good for the soul
I do believe in being connected to others
I do believe in having vocations
I do believe in taking vacations
I do believe in paying attention to grace
I do believe beauty is personal and subjective
I do believe in quieting the mind to see clearly
I do believe that so much is no one’s business
I do believe in karma and kismet
I do believe there’s no sense in trying to escape oneself
I do believe in the ceaseless function of love
I do believe in an infinite power greater than me


I do believe…

3 thoughts on “I do believe…

  1. At first glance the real clever aspects of this piece don’t readily pop out. It’s really smart. The ebbs and flows and connectedness. I love this. I mean, I really like what it says but mostly I love how it’s constructed. A seemingly simple repetition device, really nice affirmations, but looking at the architecture that follows those beams? Awesome. So good.

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