Emotional Eating

I’m in an eating mood today.  I’m in a cheesy soup, warm biscuit mood. I’m in an eat the whole row of Oreos mood.

The better part of my day was spent in five minutes conferences heaping praise on uber-involved parents of children who are geniuses due to their parent’s amazing rearing practices.  It’s like speed dating.  Please move on and I’ll keep smiling.

Unfortunately the parents I really need to see don’t show up for conferences.

I also have lots on my personal plate. Mostly good stuff, but stressful nonetheless. And I’m always afraid things won’t go my way.

It’s cold and wet-snowing. I love snow in the winter months, but I find snow inhospitable in March. As a result, my cold feet are inconsolable.

And I keep hitting the wrong keys on my keyboard.

Is it time for bed yet?  What else is there to eat around here?!?!?





Emotional Eating

5 thoughts on “Emotional Eating

  1. The cheese soup sounds like exactly what you need! I enjoy meeting with parents, but it’s emotionally draining to meet with a bunch of them at once. For me that’s true even when the meetings are mostly positive. Hope you are able to spend the weekend recovering!


  2. I can totally relate to the “whole roll of oreo” mood. Definitely been there. Meeting with parents always makes more more exhausted then a regular day. Hope you have a great weekend!


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