Satisfying Sounds

The crinkle of the wrapper on a new pack of gum
The swift, successful carving of a stack of papers on a papercutter
Shrieking, excited kids outside my window after the last bell of the day
The whooshing sound my iPhone makes when a message is sent
Likewise, the double vibrate when I receive a message
Rhythmic stapling of hundreds of handouts while I wait (no paper jam)
The silence in my classroom when all are deep in thought, answering an open-ended
question about the latest novel they are reading–you can almost hear them thinking
Likewise, ANY time students are discussing literature
Reid playing guitar and singing in the office with confidence and conviction–it also
means he’s home
A shrill whistle that starts a race
The squirting of a Windex bottle on a dirty window, then rubbing the window with a
paper towel until it squeaks
The tinkling and cracking sound bamboo makes when the wind is really blowing
Ice dropping into a glass followed by the fizz of bubbly seltzer
Izzy softly snoring in her hidey-hole bed (she demands attention even while she sleeps)
The low hum of air escaping a vent, the dishwasher at night, the refrigerator during the day when I’m home alone–all these sounds are strangely comforting
The soft knock of someone who doesn’t want to startle you
The last sound a door makes as it’s quietly closed
Tapping of rain on a metal roof while I read
When the one I’m looking for finally answers the phone









Satisfying Sounds

11 thoughts on “Satisfying Sounds

  1. As a pretty auditory person (and musician), the theme of this poem really resonates with me– I seem to be the one who notices sounds when others don’t, so I appreciate your poem so much! The variety of sounds…wow! This one was my favorite: “Ice dropping into a glass followed by the fizz of bubbly seltzer.” Love a cool glass of seltzer! Thanks for an inspiring poem 🙂


  2. Great post. I think I may have to “borrow” some of these as examples of specific and concrete images to show my 7th graders. I will give you credit of course!


  3. I love this. What a great idea for a post. I could hear those sounds, and found them comforting too. Thanks for sharing- I have always been especially fond of the sound of rain- on anything


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