So.  How many blogs start with “So.” or “So, I’m starting a blog.” or “So I’m starting a blog and I have no idea what to say.”

So anyway.  I am really uncomfortable with this, but want to be a more versatile writer.  I am quite good at the “voice”-less academic writing and research writing; in fact, I rather enjoy it. But I prefer to consume personal narrative yet so unsure of my own “voice”–am I corny or too trite? do I have anything to say? or worth listening to?  I’ve been told I’m funny, but I’m only funny when I’m not thinking about trying to be funny.

So I’m in my 50s, but feel like I’m a child, particularly when I’m pissed off.  I have a husband who is both my best friend and worst enemy, depending on my demeanor.  I have kids who I love fiercely yet drive me crazy daily.  I am an orphan, having already been through the sandwich and buried both parents.  I have siblings who I’m so close to but have to be guarded with because I don’t want to give them too much vulnerability ammunition (a treasured family value).  I have two very cute, crazy, smelly dogs who I’d like to kick out of my house whenever they crap on my kitchen floor. I am a walking contradiction.

So I’m also a middle school teacher.  Anytime I tell someone what I do I am given sympathy.   It feels good until I realize they pity me.  Hmmm.

So.  I am problem solver.  A director.  In charge.  In certain ways, I am dripping in life experience.  I plan.  I satisfy needs.  I make it happen.  I tend to react.  I’m quick-tempered.  A match-head.  I adore laughing.  I love and hate sarcasm.  I’m rarely lonely.  I try not to lie.  I watch too much tv and I HATE laundry.  And I’m always on a quest.  So what.  So what’s for dinner?