CPB cottage

I wrote this 3+ years ago–not much has changed about wanting to head to my happy place, except we now have internet, giving me the ability to binge watch my programs!  Otherwise, I love to escape and have a little time to myself.  It’s a requirement for my sanity…

“Time to head to my happy place.  The beach.  My little creative vehicle.  A place I call my own.  Alone or with others.  My colors: blue and yellow.  Long walks on the beach.  No phone.  No internet.  Limited cable.

That being said, I still bring my self.  Hello self.  Changing locations doesn’t change me.  I am still crabby and menopausal.  I just don’t have other personalities to contend with.  Am I edging towards spending too much time alone?  Possibly.  Do I resent people when I have to re-enter my reality.  Sometimes.

Nevertheless, I go because I am drawn to it.  I am drawn to the comfort.  I go because it’s different than this reality, where I am always on call and there’s always a mess to clean up.

In order to make the most of it, I go with this mantra, one that has worked for many years: be here now.  And maybe, next time, I’ll take someone with me.  Maybe.”

CPB cottage